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  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Can You Be Gay?: Queer Representation in Video Games
  3. Can You Be Gay?: Queer Representation in Video Games
  4. Dev Update #14
  5. Would you like to see this in game?

Watch Dogs? Witcher 3? With what? Be a bit more specific, please. If you want your criticism to be constructive, you have to elaborate upon what you are disappointed in. Is it the art?

Final Fantasy X

Is the the farming? Is it that potato scarecrow thing? Keep up the good work. I figure there should be an element of unlocking to do, such as having a dialogue option somewhere along the way where someone unrelated to the potential companions off-handedly asks you your preference, since going through a town where everyone is interested in you, male or female, is all kinds of unrealistic and awkward: How about: In any one session, there is only one person of the same sex who has a same-sex bent, but if you are receptive to that character, then all of the other characters of that gender thereby become eligible.

Once you have shown your interest in a gender, then the other gender goes about developing on a platonic level only. That sounds strange and annoying. That sucks. I want to be able to date everyone! Why not all of the above? Everybody wins. I have a question, how does the marriage work in multiplayer?.. I have been checking this site everyday for the update.

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Thankyou for making this game. This sounds really complicated to program!

I remmber trying to write a choose your own adventure story when I was younger and it quickly got out of control with allt he choices. Ahhh— everything is looking beautiful so far! They look shifty. And they might be hiding a dangerous weapon. Topnotch sprites, yo! One thing I am starting to get a bit worried about is the multiplayer. Such as what will happen if allot of people want to marry one person? Also will there be like a wedding that all the people come to? Because I think that would be pretty neat. Sounds like fun. Seems like it will be a fight to the death between me and my friend to marry someone.

I think with how long it has come along and how close it is to becoming done that there should be a new trailer for the game, and advertisement, he only has about months worth of stuff to do if even that much time, maybe less. I am pretty sure that there will by some sort of adoption option for anyone even if you just want to stay single. I've got a question, I think I read that food gives you benefits, but that means you don't have to eat to survive? Or maybe to be in a good shape? I love when you need to cook to satiate your hunger.

Back to Nature I was sad they removed it for the gba HM: Friends of Mineral Town. This is a good thing you do. I am sure they would need to have some kind of purpose, maybe once they mature they can help do certain basic tasks for you like watering crops or brushing animals? It would be nice to see this included! Are all the love interests used goods or what? Are you talking about the dialog with Leah where her ex is mentioned? Do you expect all the female characters to be sweet little virgins who have never even dated a boy before?

Can You Be Gay?: Queer Representation in Video Games

What the hell is wrong with you? Maybe a realism mode where you character ages and dies along with the rest of the town. You will have my money day one preorder. I am super stoked as well.

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I totally agree. I am so looking forward to this.

Can You Be Gay?: Queer Representation in Video Games

I will definitely be preordering. Japan may not have same-sex marriage, but they certainly love their Yaoi guy on guy manga and they have very feminine looking male pop stars. Pretty boys are very popular in Japan. People could boycott the games though. Loving the updates! I was a bit taken aback by the location of the bath house though.

This looks to be a fun game. I had a dream this game was out. And it was fantastic. When I woke up, I excitedly rushed to my laptop, came here, and made this post with a heavy heart once I realized it was all a dream. When we can pre order the game? I just. Please add playable and non-playable NPC and marriageable animal-like Birds, dogs, foxes, wolves, sharks, dragons, etc human-like bipedal!

Sorry for the slightly double post! Please add playable and non-playable NPC and possible to marriage, animal-like Birds, foxes, wolves, sharks, dragons, etc human-like bipedal! This seems like an awesome game! But I have to say, the concept is almost identical to the harvest moon series. I have been stalking this page for a while now.

I understand your busy! You seem to be doing a really good job with the game. It looks beautiful and it just keep getting better.

It adds so much the the ambiance. The most recent update was Janurary 17th?

Dev Update #14

You got a lot of stuff left to do. It just looks amazing and Keep up the good work!! Another update!!! Please… Damnit, whenever I think about the game, I get so anxious and twitchy. I need an update, C. A bit odd after an update every month for the past several before now. You could cultivate plants, raise livestock, go fishing, mine, or tug away at udders until you had yourself a goddamn dairy empire.

Would you like to see this in game?

They were also glorified dating simulators. You could romance single ladies by incessantly giving them gifts that corresponded to their interests Girl Named After Flowers likes flowers, etc , and eventually you could get married, have a kid, etc. Then your wife would spend a bunch of time in the kitchen and But it was great, and it owed a lot of its greatness to the simple, soothing rhythm of day-to-day farm life. To be honest, it skirts at the edges of being a shameless clone.

It really is pretty much the same as classic Harvest Moon in a whole lot of different areas. Other mechanics like currying favor with townsfolk, exploration, fishing, and cooking are broadly similar. The similarities are so glaring, in fact, that the game sometimes just kinda assumes that you played Harvest Moon back in the day. But I am SO into it right now. Stardew Valley nails the simple charm of Harvest Moon. Most recently, PC got a port of the thoroughly made-for-mobile Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. The less said of that, the better.